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Hiring the Right Vancouver WA Remodeling Contractor

Mar. 27th 2017

Everyone has heard at least a few general contractor horror stories, including most general contractors. Novels could be written about the many awful experiences people have had with contractors they’ve worked with for all kinds of projects. There are so many different contractors to choose from and they come in many different levels of experience, expertise and ability. So if you want to do a remodel in the Vancouver area how do you go about choosing the right general contractor?

The first thing you should do is to ask for referrals from your friends and families. They can tell you about both good and bad experiences and perhaps steer you in the right direction. You should also check a contractor’s credentials, such as the proper licenses and insurance. Check their references as well and ask for examples of work, including speaking with previous customers.

A good contractor will also give you a detailed, up front estimate with no hidden surprises later. However, they should also explain that there could be some additional unforeseen expenses that should be included in the estimate. Most importantly, you should ask a lot of questions, including what size projects do they normally do? Have they done any similar projects to yours before and how were the results? How long will the job take? What subcontractors do they work with and how much contact will they have with you throughout the process?

The list of important questions goes on and on. If you would like to discuss your remodeling project with an experienced Vancouver WA remodeling contractor then please call Direct Finish Construction at 360-690-5616 today. Or, contact us online.

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Remodeling a Rental the Right Way in Vancouver WA

Mar. 13th 2017

The rental market is booming in both Vancouver WA and Portland OR right now and that means property owners can make a nice profit in the current market. In fact, if you make a few improvements on your rental property right now, you might be able to raise your rental fee and make even more. That’s because so many people are looking for homes to rent.

If you have a home that you would like to rent, or your current rental property is in between renters at the moment, then now is the time to put a little money into that property so you can maximize your profit-making opportunity. However, make sure you do the job right. First, you don’t want to price your home out of the market by putting too may high-end additions or features into your home. So know the neighborhood and make sure your remodel choices don’t put your home out of the market.

Also, be careful not to do too much because you never know how well renters will actually treat your home. At the same time, you can’t go cheap or you won’t add any value to your property. One of the ways to upgrade your rental is to increase additional living space, as well adding additional bathrooms. Some other important areas to consider are your windows, doors and siding. Although these may not create a lot of oohs and awes, they will increase the value of your property and make our home more efficient.

There are several good ideas if you are going to remodel a rental property and Direct Finish Construction can help you with them all. Please contact us at 360-690-5616 or click here for your rental remodel in Vancouver WA.

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