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Installing a New Concrete Driveway in Vancouver WA the Right Way

Dec. 26th 2016

There are a lot of concrete contractors to choose from in Vancouver WA, and for the most part people believe that the only difference is price. While it’s true that there are many concrete contractors that do solid work that lasts, not all concrete contractors are the same. Some cut corners and take shortcuts that can end up leaving you with less than satisfactory work. That’s why it’s so important to get your new driveway in Vancouver WA installed the right way.

Installing a new driveway is a process and each step must be followed properly, without skipping any steps. First off the area has to be prepped. That means removing any old concrete or debris and then leveling the spot so the water can drain away to the right location. The ground surface also needs to be durable and compact, so there will be no sinking.

The framework comes next and this needs to be done right so the shape of the concrete stays true and the actual material has a chance to dry and set in the proper location and shape. When the slab has a had enough time to cure, the frames can be removed and then joints need to be added if they weren’t part of the pour. This is done by cutting lines into the concrete with a special saw, which helps the concrete from cracking in random locations.

At Direct Finish Construction we have many years of experience installing new concrete driveways in Vancouver WA the right way. Please give us a call at 360-690-5616 or contact us online if you are looking to install a new driveway at your Vancouver WA home.

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Make Sure You Choose the Right Vancouver WA Commercial Contractor

Dec. 12th 2016

Commercial construction, just like residential construction requires a knowledgeable and experienced contractor at the helm. In fact, when you’re dealing with commercial construction it’s even more important to get the right contractor in place to get the job done right. There are many more liabilities for those doing work at a business location, especially when potential customers will be visiting the location. Therefore, it’s extremely important to get the right commercial contractor for your Vancouver WA construction project.

Most commercial contractors are dedicated and hard working and don’t cut corners. However, there are some that do, so make sure you check their references and talk with previous clients to see how they’ve performed in the past. It’s also a good idea to check out some of the work they have done, which shouldn’t be a problem if it’s at a commercial site. This can a long ways in telling you what kind of work they do.

Make sure you have a contract in place before you start any project. This lays out the parameters and protects you from shady work. Never pay your contractor up front. However, you can set up a progressive payment schedule wherein the contractor receives partial payments when he finishes certain parts of the job. Always ask for a realistic time frame for completion in your contract so your contractor is obligated to get the job done.

These are some of the important factors to consider when you are hiring a commercial contractor. For a trusted and reliable Vancouver WA commercial contractor call Direct Finish Construction at 360-690-5616 or click here.

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