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Need a New Foundation in Vancouver WA?

Feb. 26th 2016

While it might be the least talked about part of your home, your foundation is actually probably the most important. After all, no home or any other building is built without first putting down a foundation. Even the nicest home is nothing without a strong foundation. Without the right foundation in place you can’t rely on your home to stand the test of time. Therefore, you have to have a solid concrete foundation in order for your home to stay standing.

That means in order to get your foundation right you have to hire the right concrete contractor in Vancouver WA. At Direct Finish Construction we have years of experience pouring foundations and we understand the process from start to finish. Getting your foundation right starts with digging the footprint and preparing the ground for the pour.

Once the ground is ready and the frames are in place, we make sure we get the right concrete mix for your foundation. That means it has to be the right amount of water: there has to be enough but not too much in order to avoid cracking and having a strong foundation. It also needs to be the right depth, width and density as well.

If you need a new concrete foundation in Vancouver WA then please contact Direct Finish Construction for a free estimate. Click hereor call us at 360-690-5616.

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What Does an Estimate Include?

Feb. 12th 2016

Anyone who is looking to get some work done by a general contractor, a commercial contractor, a concrete specialist or any other type of construction contractor wants to get an estimate before they start the job. In fact, it would be crazy not to get an estimate first. An estimate is a good way to get an idea of exactly what the contractor plans on doing and how much he or she plans to charge.

An estimate should include several things and not just a flat, arbitrary number without any details. For example, if you are getting your kitchen remodeled then the estimate should include each item that will be replaced, all the labor that will be performed and any materials that will be used. An accurate estimate should include every detail of the job with a price next to each item.

It’s also a very good idea for the contractor to include any possible unforeseen factors that could arise during the job. Many construction projects end up including unexpected extra items that the contractor could not have possibly seen when the project began. That’s why it’s a good idea for a contractor to give you a range if at all possible. This will allow you to plan for those unexpected things that can happen.

The bottom line is that a good estimate will include all aspects of the job. It’s also always a good idea to get more than one estimate before you choose a contractor. Lastly, remember that when it comes time make your decision don’t just choose the lowest estimate. Many contractors give low-ball estimates only to add on costs halfway through the job. That’s why a good estimate will take those things into consideration before they happen.

If you need an estimate for a construction project in the Portland or Vancouver areas, then give Direct Finish Construction a call at 360-690-5616, or click here to contact us.

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