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Archive for December, 2015

Should I Get My New Concrete Driveway Sealed?

Dec. 28th 2015

So now that you have a beautiful new driveway, or perhaps you’re about to get one, you may have wondered whether or not you should pay for the added expense of sealing it. Perhaps you’ve already had your slab for a year or two and you’re wondering whether or not you can still seal it. The fact is there are several good reasons that you should seal your new concrete, either doing it yourself or by having the company that poured your concrete do it for you.

Appearance is just one of the advantages of sealing a driveway. A fresh new driveway looks great and by sealing it you can keep that new look around for much longer. Sealing also gives the concrete a more vibrant look and helps prevent it from fading or discoloring over time, which will continue to enhance the look of your home for years to come.

Sealed driveways also offer greater protection for concrete. Unfortunately, cement cracks over time, but by sealing your new driveway you can better protect your concrete from cracking and chipping.

Another great benefit of sealing your driveway is that it makes it much easier to clean because the seal helps protect it from stains. Oil and grease can seep into concrete quickly but by sealing your driveway it becomes more stain-resistant and easier to maintain.

At Direct Finish Construction we not only provide excellent concrete services, but we can also seal your Vancouver WA concrete driveway, new or old, to help it last much longer. Give us a call at 360-690-5616, or click here to contact us online.

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How Long Will My Construction Project Take?

Dec. 14th 2015

Why do construction projects take so darn long? Why do contractors never get done when they say they will get done? At Direct Finish Construction, we hear these types of questions a lot and we understand that every customer wants his or her project done as soon as possible. We assure you that it’s always our intention to get your project done as quickly as we can. However, we also understand that in many cases unexpected things happen that can slow the process down.

When we come to your home or office to give you an estimate, we will also give you a timeline for finishing the project. We will do everything in our power to finish your project on time. At the same time, we won’t cut any corners or take shortcuts just to meet a deadline. After all, you want your project done right, first and foremost.

One thing that can help improve your satisfaction is by simply being realistic with your timeframe. While everyone wants their job done yesterday, the fact is it takes time to do the job right, plus industry safety standards and regulations must also be met. Ultimately, we want to get your project done as quickly as we can, because time is money. We will give you our best time estimate up front and then do our best to meet the expectation.

Every job is different and the timeline for each project will be unique, but at Direct Finish Construction we are all about getting the job done right in a timely manner. So for a trusted general contractor in Vancouver WA give us a call at 360-690-5616, or click here.

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