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How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect New Concrete?

Nov. 28th 2015

New concrete can be a beautiful new addition to any location. A new driveway, an extra slab for a trailer or a boat, or any other new concrete slab adds a nice touch to any home or even a business location. One of the nice things about concrete is that it can be poured in all kinds of weather. While it is easier to pour when the sun is out and there is no rain in site, it can still be laid during the fall and winter months in the Pacific Northwest. However, that doesn’t mean there is never a bad time to pour concrete.

There are some extreme conditions that can have a negative affect on your new concrete. Therefore, you should avoid pouring concrete in these situations. First off, when the temperature rises above 95 degrees it is better to wait for a cool down. Concrete that cures in extremely hot weather will end up with lower long-term strength, compared to concrete that cures at about 70 degrees.

In addition, extremely cold weather is not the best time for a concrete pour, either. You should not pour concrete over a sub base that is frozen. Likewise, if the average daily temperature for three consecutive days is going to be below 40 degrees, then avoid pouring concrete in these conditions.

If you are looking to pour concrete then check with an experienced Vancouver WA concrete contractor before making plans. While concrete can be poured during most times of the year, there are some times that you have to avoid. Please contact Direct Finish Construction for help with your next concrete pour. Call 360-690-5616, or contact us online.

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How Is Cost Determined for a Project?

Nov. 14th 2015

Just about everyone who does any kind of construction project has two major questions that they want answered above everything else: How long will it take and how much will it cost? When you hire a general contractor in Vancouver WA you want to know the answer to these questions before you get started, especially the price. One of the biggest complaints people have about contractors is that they don’t stick to their original estimate.

One reason for this is because some contractors give low-ball estimates that don’t cover all the “what-ifs” that might pop up. That’s why it’s important to get a thorough and complete estimate before you start your project. It’s also a good idea to be aware of some of the possible what-ifs that could come up. So what exactly goes into the cost of a project? Do contractors just make it up as they go?

A good, experienced contractor plans ahead and does his/her best to give you the most accurate price at the beginning. A seasoned contractor will evaluate all the possibilities and will itemize each cost for you to see for what and why you are being charged. Contractors will charge you for the cost of the materials and appliances, as well as time and labor. However, every contractor is different an each contractor will determine cost in his or her own way.

The most important thing for you as a consumer to be aware of is that contractor gives the most complete estimate possible up front. By doing this you decrease the likelihood of unexpected charges. At Direct Finish Construction, we are happy to give you a thorough, upfront estimate each time. Please contact us to see how Direct Finish can get your job done right. Call 360-690-5616 or click here.

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