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What Condition Should the Sub base Be In For Concrete?

Oct. 28th 2015

When you are looking to do a concrete pour there are several things that need to happen before the actual cement is poured. The proper preparation is the key to a lasting concrete job, whether it’s a foundation, a patio or a new driveway. There are several important preparation steps to get your site ready for the pour, including the sub base. So what kind of condition should your sub base be in if you’re putting in concrete?

One of the most important traits of your sub base is how well it’s compacted. You can’t have a loose or soft sub base. If it’s too loose it can settle more after the pour and that means your concrete is likely to sink. Your sub base should be well graded and it should be moist but not too wet. Dry soil will suck the moisture out of the concrete and wet soil could prevent the concrete from drying properly.

The proper thickness is also very important. The sub base should be at least four inches thick and even thicker in some cases if the pour requires it. The sub base should also be easy to compact and made of aggregate material and not clay, organic materials or silt.

If you are looking to pour new concrete then make sure your Vancouver WA concrete contractor understands the importance of the sub base and how to properly prepare it before the pour. At Direct Finish Construction we have many years of concrete experience and we make sure both your slab and the sub base are done right. Please contact us for a concrete price quote at 360-690-5616, or by clicking here.

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Top Questions to Ask a Vancouver WA General Contractor

Oct. 14th 2015

Are you ready to get started on a construction project? Maybe you’re ready to remodel your home or business. Perhaps it’s time for some new concrete. Whatever your project might be, you will likely have a lot of question about it. That is completely normal and the fact is you should have a lot of question, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them. Before you start any project when you’re working with a general contractor, you need to ask the contractor some important questions.

Let’s take a look at some of those important questions:

  • What is your schedule?
  • Who will be on site each day?
  • How will my property be protected?
  • Are there any parts of the project that cause you concern?
  • What is the expected course of action if something goes wrong or needs to be changed?
  • How does your bid work and will it be itemized?
  • Who do you use for your supplies?
  • How long have you been doing business in this town?
  • Are you licensed and insured?

There are many different questions that you should consider when you hire a Vancouver WA general contractor for a project at your home or business.  Don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions. That way you can know what to expect during every phase of the project. At Direct Finish Construction we take the time to answer your questions and we make sure you know what to expect from beginning to end. So give us a call today at 360-690-5616, or click here to get your job finished.

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