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Archive for January, 2015

Get New Concrete at an Affordable Price in Vancouver WA

Jan. 28th 2015

Concrete is one of the best materials to work with. It last for decades in many cases and it’s easy to care for. Whether you need a concrete slab for extra parking, or a nice patio to enjoy your backyard, concrete serves so many purposes.

At Direct Finish Construction, we have experience with all kinds of new concrete jobs, including foundations, driveways, patios and even retaining walls. Retaining walls are used for all kinds of applications but their main purpose is to hold soil in place on unnatural slopes. They are often used in landscaping, but they can also be used as part of construction projects.

There are also many different materials that you can use to build a retaining wall. While some people use wood, railroad ties, concrete blocks or individual stones or boulders, concrete is one of the most reliable and durable materials for retaining walls. Often retaining walls are used for safety purposes, which means you need something that will last and that will stand up to the many different harsh weather elements that occur every day. That’s why concrete makes a great choice for retaining walls in the Northwest.

If you need a retaining wall in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver WA, or in the surrounding areas then contact Direct Finish Construction today at 360-690-5616. You can also reach us online via email by clicking here. To learn more about the many different concrete services we offer, please visit our concrete services page. We also offer free estimates, so contact us today.

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Need a Plumbing Trench Pour-Back in Vancouver WA?

Jan. 14th 2015

What do you do if you need to add some plumbing or utility lines to an area that is already covered by concrete or asphalt? Obviously, you have to cut up and tear out some concrete. Meanwhile, sometimes businesses can encounter problems with previously buried utility lines. Or perhaps you’re building some of kind expansion onto your current location, which calls for digging up the current lines and/or pipes, or maybe adding new ones.

The problem is many times these lines or pipes are buried in previously poured concrete. However, for Direct Finish Construction that’s not a problem.

We can cut and remove the current concrete that’s in your path, then dig the trench you need to access the current lines or to add the new ones. When the new lines or pipes are in place, we will then patch up the concrete and have your pad back to normal in no time.

At Direct Finish Construction we can handle your plumbing trench pour-backs in a timely and cost-effective manner, throughout the entire Vancouver and Portland area.

Likewise, if you are in need of any other kind of concrete our commercial construction service then contact us today at 360-690-5616. We can help you with many different commercial and concrete jobs of all shapes and sizes. Click here to contact us online or give us a call. Let’s get it finished.

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