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A Great General Contractor in Vancouver, WA

Sep. 12th 2014

As a general contractor in Vancouver, WA, we at Direct Finish Construction know that future opportunities are based upon our performance, service and reputation much more than simply if we try to give you a rock bottom price that won’t include the quality you want.

If you want one of these rising up in your future, start with finding the best general contractor.

If you want one of these rising up in your future, start with finding the best general contractor.

If your family or business is planning a construction project in the near future, you can want your project to be as successful as possible. Start by a qualified general contractor. As a business owner or a homeowners you can mitigate construction risks by asking a lot of questions up front and weighing several factors before hiring a contractor.

When you are choosing a building contractor remember that a contractor needs more than just an understanding of construction. The contractor also needs to be a business person. A general contractor needs to understand how to manage a business.

Your contractor needs to have the ability to make multiple complex decisions.

Troy Dohmeyer from Cincinnati Insurance Companies suggests that you consider the following factors when selecting a contractor for your project:

  • Company experience – Examine the contractor’s qualifications and experience; ask for past customer reviews and company history.
  • Current projects and existing workload – Does the contractor have the capacity to give your project the attention it deserves and complete the project in a timely manner? Ask to see a current project list.
  • Financial stability – Ensure that the contractor is on solid financial ground. Make sure the contractor has the appropriate insurance coverage and the financial capacity to be bonded to assure completion of the work. Request audited financial statements or, if you are a business owner, purchase a Dun & Bradstreet report. Be sure to request a copy of the company’s certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance should list the name of the insurance company (or companies) insuring the contractor, policy numbers, the types of  insurance coverages provided by the referenced policy and the policy expiration date.
  • Safety – Find out whether the contractor has effective training and orientation programs for employees. Consider whether management maintains appropriate oversight of the work and ask to see the company’s OSHA logs and safety training records.
  • Quality – Determine whether the contractor has documented programs to assure quality of workmanship and that applicable training is in place. Check for the appropriate manufacturer training certificates or installer credentials.

Call Direct Finish Construction and begin your new project.  360 690-5616

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Concrete From a Vancouver, WA General Contractor

Sep. 5th 2014

At Direct Finish Construction we enjoy working with homeowners, contractors and landscape architects who are starting their concrete projects from scratch, as well as those interested in removing and replacing old concrete.

Concrete is better than asphalt for a driveway because concrete lasts longer and is a lower maintenance material than asphalt. There is also so many more things which can be done with concrete to make it beautiful. Direct Finish Construction can customize your Vancouver drive by using a variety of colors or creating an eye-catching pattern. We can find something that perfectly matches your home.

Vancouver homeowners often ask how long it will take to pour a new driveway. On the average, a two-car driveway will take Direct Finish Construction about two days to complete. You will be able to use the driveway in about a week or sometimes a little more.

For more information about any type of concrete work, call Direct Finish Construction. 360 690-5616

Click here to see some examples of our work.


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