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Use a Knowledgeable Concrete Contractor for Your Next Vancouver Project

Aug. 29th 2014
Get your concrete from someone who knows concrete.

Get your concrete from someone who knows concrete.

In 3000 BC Egyptians used mud mixed with straw to bind dried bricks. They also furthered the technique when they discovered lime and gypsum mortar as a binding agent for building the Pyramids.

In 300 BC the Romans built the Appian Way, as well as the Roman baths, the Coliseum and Pantheon out of cement mix. This mix consisted of small gravel and coarse sand mixed with hot lime and water. They added horsehair to reduce shrinkage. Also added to this mixture was animal fat, milk and blood.

At the peak of Rome’s development, no fewer than 20 great military highways radiated form the capital.

These early civilizations figured out that there were benefits to having solid surfaces.

At Direct Finish Construction, we can get you a solid concrete surface that will last for a long time and we can do it without horsehair of blood.

Click here to see some examples of our work.

Read more about the individuals you will be working with if your chose Direct Finish Construction as your concrete contractor. 

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Improve Your Present Vancouver Area Home

Aug. 22nd 2014

The Vancouver Area has had the hottest average temperatures on record. That does not mean we won’t be getting some frigid weather this coming winter. During the winter months, the cost of heating your home can take a big bite out of your paycheck. Making your home more energy efficient is an easy way to help save on what could be a cold winter.

Direct Finish Construction can help you save on your heating bills by adding more insulation to your attic. If it has been a while since you have check the insulation, you may have become used to the heat loss through your poorly insulated attic.

We can also check your windows and doors to see if they are causing heat loss. Poorly sealed windows and doors need to be remediated.

Call Direct Finish Construction for any of the concerns you might have with your home’s construction.

Go here to read what others are saying about us.

Call today for a remodel or any other help you need for your home. 360-690-5616.

Click here to contact us.

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Want to Remodel? Call Direct Finish in Vancouver, WA

Aug. 15th 2014

At Direct Finish Construction, we love a good remodel.

Even the very smoothest remodeling project can have an emotional toll on the home owner. We recognize that working on someone’s house can be just as emotional as working on someone’s body. It is a very personal process.

When you work with Direct Finish Construction you can be assured that we will put your needs and desires first. When problems arise—and they always do when you are remodeling or building—we want you to know you can count on us. We know the way to address these problems is calmly and with patience.

Regardless of how many details we have to address to see the project completed, we will follow through on every last one of them.

We want you to have the amazing home you have always wanted.

Click here to see the services we are prepared to provide you.

Call today 360-690-5616 or click here to contact us.

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Your Home, Your Way from Direct Finish in Vancouver, WA

Aug. 8th 2014

Building a new home is a BIG deal. You should definitely shop for your builder very, very carefully. You need a reputable, quality Vancouver, WA general contractor.

Of course, at Direct Finish Construction we would love to have an opportunity to give you an estimate of what we could build your custom home for. Call us if you would like a free consultation.

Here are some suggestions we would give you in selecting your general contractor.

  • Ask builders for the addresses of their recently built homes.
  • If you drive by one of these homes, say on a Saturday morning while the owners are outside doing chores, ask they if they enjoyed the builder who built their home.
  • Look at new homes whenever you can so you can see what quality and value look like.

Come by and ask. 360-690-5616.

To read more about us as a company click here.


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Custom Homes Your Way from Direct Finish

Aug. 1st 2014

At Direct Finish Construction we are interested in allowing you to have the home you have always wanted.  We want to help your personalize the dreams you’ve had for your home.  Of course, you want it all—the whole package—a beautiful home, personalized features and a quick move-in time.

We try to provide custom homes to our Vancouver, WA area clients with just exactly those options.

We want to meet with you as you design your home. This allows us all to plan and coordinate what your priorities are. Do you want a home office, a great outside living space, a family gathering center, a nursery next to the master bedroom?

Anything is possible if we work together.

We know designing your new home can sometimes be more difficult than it is exciting. We don’t want this to be the case. Call us today for the kind of personalize help that will allow you to have an exciting time.

Read what others are saying about our custom home services in the Vancouver, WA area.

For a conscientious general contractor in the Vancouver, WA area call us today. 360-690-5616.

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