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Remodel or Custom Home in Vancouver, WA Call Direct Finish

Jun. 27th 2014

dad video 156At Direct Finish Construction we love kitchens. There are so many options for kitchens. There is an area of colors and designs. One suggestion we often give our Vancouver, WA customers who want are building a custom home or remodeling their kitchen is to consider their backsplash.

The full backsplash is often forgotten because people think they have the backsplash covered with the four-inch splash. If you add a tile backsplash, this not only serves to protect the wall, but it also serves as a design element that can tie your whole kitchen together.

Come in to the three core members of the general contracting team.

Eric has nearly two decades of construction experience. This experience includes general contracting, concrete and landscaping. He has dealt with construction project for commercial jobs as well as residential projects.

Leslie organizes the group with her broad range of experiences and her energetic work ethic.

Alan has an expertise in design and always has an innovative idea for your kitchen or the rest of your home.

Click here to read more about the residential services which they have to offer.

Call today for your remodel or new construction. 360-690-5616.




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Quality General Contractor in Vancouver, WA Direct Finish

Jun. 20th 2014

wheel chairEveryone wants a home they can be proud of and also a home that is functional. But equally important is to have a home that can accommodate everyone.

For individuals in walkers and wheelchairs, there are a few modifications that often need to be made to certain floor plans. If you need to remodel your home to accommodate the needs of a family member, or you want to design your custom home to accommodate those needs, call Direct Finish Construction. They understand the basic elements necessary. These include halls and doorways wide enough. An open floor plan is a necessity, because it provides the space for maneuvering around furniture.

The type of flooring you opt for is also very important. Smooth surfaces make it easy to move through a home.

Kitchens require some special consideration. They need to be large enough, but not so massive that it becomes burdensome to move from one cabinet to the next.  Plenty of lower cabinet space is useful. Having a pre/work surface a table level makes things easier.

Bathrooms need easy shower access and a toilet which is set a little higher.

If you have reason to accommodate someone with special needs, call Direct Finish Construction for some additional ideas.

Call today 360-690-5616. Or go here to contact the qualified staff which would be working with you.

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Remodels & New Vancouver, WA Construction Call Direct Finish

Jun. 13th 2014
Your children want parties? Have the right room for the festivities.

Your children want parties? Have the right room for the festivities.

If you want family time, make sure you have a room for your family. This may mean that you need to remodel your home to create a room that is warm and inviting as a gathering space.

At Direct Finish Construction, we would love to hear about your family and the things you like to do. This will give us an idea of what your new custom home should look like or how to remodel your existing home.

We want to know what kind of furniture you prefer. This gives us an idea of what dimensions a room would need to be to feel comfortable and accommodate your favorite chair. Maybe you want a pool table, or a wet bar. These can easily be included in your design.

Whatever ideas you have for making a family-friendly home, bring them in to the Vancouver, WA based general contractor at Direct Finish Construction. They can help you make your dreams turn in to reality.

 Click here to learn more about the services, Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA is prepared to offer.

Call today 360-690-5616.


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Vancouver, WA General Contractor is Organized & Coordinates

Jun. 6th 2014

Hand Wide Open - Free high resolution photo“The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” This idiom means that the communication in an organization is so bad that one part of the group does not know what is happening in another part. The two parts of a company aren’t communicating very well.

If you are having a custom home built, you don’t want to be using a company which doesn’t communicate. Proper supervision and coordination between the planning and the project is absolutely necessary. You need a company that works well together. You don’t want just a bunch of guys meandering around with no direction.

The crew at Direct Finish Construction,  are friends who communicate with each other on a daily basis. We know what is happening on your project.

As a general contractor we will be supervising all work. We don’t start a job and then quickly move on to another. Your project will have a leader all the time to coordinate every part.

For information about residential services go here.

To understand the commercial services direct Finish can offer you go here.

Read about concrete services here.


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