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Direct Finish Will Minimize the Remodeling Frustration

May. 30th 2014

Washington homeowners often get very frustrated during remodeling contractors during a project. Confusion often occurs with an outdoor project. You want the indoor living and outdoor living to merge. The cement contractor just wants to pour the mix and leave.

There are several reasons for these frustrations.

·         Many contractors forget the big picture when they are remodeling your patio or merging the outdoor.  They become so focused on one project. Direct Finish makes certain that all your projects flow in together and make your space look like what you have always dreamed.

·         Often contractors show up to enlarge a patio or rip out a driveway not knowing exactly “why” the project is being done. At Direct Finish, they make sure they know exactly why you have chosen to alter your home and what your motivation is behind this project.

Direct Finish has experience and expertise in both concrete and general contracting. They can remodel your house and add the concrete you need to complete the project.

Direct Finish has an experienced team of professionals who ask questions and help solve problems.  Call them today. 360-690-5616.

For a list of their residential services, go here.


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Direct Finish Can Build Your New Home or Fix Your Old

May. 23rd 2014

Homes are selling better now than they have for a long time. If you are planning to sell your home may be up against stiff competition. If you need to sell quickly or if you want—and who doesn’t—to get top dollars, there are several repairs you should start immediately.

Direct Finish Construction is available to help with any of these repairs. They have helped homeowners not only build their dream home,. They have helped Washington families build custom homes while selling their present house.

Consider these following repairs before calling a realtor.

  • Entry ways need to be repaired, painted or replaced.

The entrance to your home is the first impression potential buyers have of your home.  You do not want to give the impression that there is neglect within the structure. Obvious neglect suggests expensive hidden problems.

Go all around the exterior of your home. Clear away dead plants from flower beds, clips dead blossoms and stems, rake and haul the yard waste away.

  • Repair the concrete.

Direct Finish Construction not only builds great homes and does professional remodeling, but they also have concrete specialists available to improve the curb appeal of your home, but improving the concrete. Whether this means replacing the driveway, patio or sidewalk or whether this means repairing them, they can do this.

  • Fix the roof

Hanging gutters or missing shingles suggest other neglect.  Any moss on the roof should be cleaned.  Clean all the debris out of the gutters. Caulk the gutters so water won’t drain down your home’s siding.

  • Patch all nail holes and repaint

Small nail holes can be filled with a putty knife and lightweight putty from a hardware store. If you have larger holes, you might want to call Direct Finish Construction. They can quickly fill the hole where your son tossed a football or your daughter dropped a vase.

A craftsman from Direct Finish can repair walls without leaving obvious signs of patches.

  • Get rid of anything causing smells

This includes animals or smokers. Don’t expect scented candles, potpourri or plug-in room fragrances to hide these smells. Buyers aren’t stupid. They know when something is being hidden from them.

Call Direct Finish Construction for help getting your home ready for sale.

Call Direct Finish Construction to help you build your new custom home.

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Sick of Your Kitchen? Call Direct Finish Construction

May. 16th 2014

If you are sick of your kitchen, change it. Call Direct Finish Construction. They can help you design exactly what is right for you.

Although much has changed about the habits of families, one thing seems to remain the same—the kitchen has remained the virtual centerpoint of the home.

You want a kitchen which is inviting and functional. When you are designing this kitchen consider the work triangle.

The work triangle refers to the layout of the kitchen which will allow a person in the kitchen to do one of the three most critical tasks which occur in this room:

·         Cleaning

·         Cooking

·         Food storage

There are several kitchen layouts which you might want to consider.

·         Zone layout. In this design style specific areas are dedicated to tasks which are grouped closely together. This allows for minimal steps as you cook.

·         The “L” shaped. This is where appliances and workspaces tend to be located at right angles to each other. This leaves plenty of space to walk around. Often this kitchen style is equipped with an island for another work space.

·         The “U” shaped. This kitchen design is very similar to the “l” shape except that there is an extra leg. Often Vancouver homeowners like to have an existing “L” shaped kitchen made into a “U” shaped kitchen.

Some options during a remodel aren’t always apparent. Sometimes an experienced remodeling contractor can see things which aren’t obvious.

Call Direct Finish Construction.  360-690-5616 or click here to get in touch with them.

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New Home or New Addition Vancouver, WA General Contractor Will Help

May. 14th 2014

As a general contractor in Vancouver, WA, the three core members of Direct Finish Construction often get asked whether clients should build a new home or update the existing home.

Certainly, Eric, Leslie and Alan can see the advantage to either of these choices.

Eric has 13 years of construction experience; this includes general contracting work, concrete work, and landscape work. He has headed up construction projects for commercial jobs, residential jobs and government jobs. For the last 5 years, he has run building and remodeling projects at various sites. His vast array of experience goes anywhere from street repairs to home remodels.

Leslie is an extremely motivated and organized member of Direct Finish, and she has accomplished a lot. She worked for the State of Oregon before coming to Direct Finish, and her last project included
managing a design-build of a custom home. She is a great asset to the Direct Finish team.

Alan is a very talented individual when it comes to marketing a business. He is an expert in design, and his experience in art design is a plus to any project that needs fresh, new and innovative ideas.

They are prepared to work on a new home or remodel and existing.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. How much do you love your existing home? If you have a great locations, great neighbors and you love most things about your home, then choosing to remodel might be your best option.
  2. How do costs compare? How big a home addition do you need? Obviously, if you simply want to expand your kitchen or do a room addition, the cost for doing this is going be dramatically less than moving. Sometimes, even building a major multi-story addition can cost less than moving to a new home.
  3. Will a home addition work with your particular house? Some homes just don’t lend themselves with additions. The lot may be too small; zoning restrictions may prohibit additional constructions.

Before making a decision, give Direct Finish Construction a call. They can help you make a good decision for your situation. Call today 360-690-5616 or click here to read more about what services they can provide.

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General Contractors in Vancouver, WA For Contemporary Homes

May. 9th 2014

Contemporary home renovations are seeing more and more Vancouver, WA homeowners opting for and open living plan.

This means that kitchen, dining and socializing areas are being combined. Often this area is designed to look over a patio area or back yard. These remodels or custom built homes have few internal walls leaving only bedrooms and bathrooms closed off.

Before pulling down the sheetrock you need to decide if this open plan living is right for you.

You first need to decide if you even want to renovate your home. Homeowners must look around and decide how feasible it is to combine rooms.

Then ask some of the following questions:

  • Do you need a closed off room because of a home business?
  • Do you feel left alone in the kitchen or living area while the rest of the family is in another part of the house?
  • Do you like to throw parties or have gatherings in your home?
  • Do you mind that your kitchen sink can be seen from the TV room?
  • Do you mind smelling dinner while you are in the TV room?

If you are interested in exploring the option of building a custom home with an open floor plan, or renovating your existing home, call Direct Finish Construction for a consultation today 360-690-5616 or click here and read more about this overwhelmingly organized and professional company.

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To learn more about their concrete services in Vancouver, WA go here.

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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver, WA–Direct Finish

May. 2nd 2014
Until they graduate, your laundry room will be one of the most used rooms in the house. Design a great one.

Until they graduate, your laundry room will be one of the most used rooms in the house. Design a great one.

Decades ago the formal living room was a lovely parlor that was seldom used. The lady of the house often made sure the heavy drapes were pulled to keep the elegant furniture from fading.

Parlors are not usually included in new custom homes. Vancouver, WA homeowners are much more likely to include a mud and laundry room. These family entry spots are no longer just an afterthought. Instead they have become an important part of the modern homes.

These functional service spaces don’t need to be ugly or drab. They can be wonderful spaces that have multiple functions and keep the rest of the home clean.

For many families the most important design factor for the mud and laundry room is the children or teens. If you are going to have children, this space can be designed to include lockers, gear storage, sorting, washing and keeping the dirt out of the rest of your home.

At Direct Finish Construction, we love to help you come up with creative ways to use this space.  We can help you build shelves and hooks and storage units. Call them today for the most creative ideas you can imagine. Ideas you can afford and will fit your individual means. 360-690-5616

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Read about the residential services they provide.

Contact them.

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