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Hire a Vancouver General Contractor with Loft-y Ambition

Mar. 28th 2014
Update, upgrade or add to your older home.

Update, upgrade or add to your older home.

If you want more room in your home, maybe you should look up. Raise your sights and get a general contractor who is creative and has loft-y ambitions.

Check overhead and re-purpose your attic.

If you have an attic and it is nothing but a jumble of cardboard boxes, eerie corners and out-of-date clothing, think about using the space for family living.

If you have the space available, now is the time to do something with it. You will need to take careful stock of the area to see if it qualifies as some additionally living space.

Floor joists are an important factor in finishing an attic. You will need to make sure yours are strong enough. You might need to have a professional check to make sure.  There are specific building codes which state how high the ceilings in the attic must be. If you are unsure if your space falls into compliance, you need to ask a local building official or Direct Finish Construction for advice on resolving any shortcomings.

Heating and cooling gets a little tricky in an attic. But there is also the wonderful option of adding a skylight or window.  An attic can be a wonderful place to put some cozy carpeting. This  type of flooring is also a nice way to muffle the sound for anyone living below the attic. You can add great built-ins. Little bookcases tucked into walls, shelves that double as benches are also wonderful touches.

For any creative remodels, you should call a general contractor who is ready to take the time to discuss all the great ideas you might have. Call today.

The crew at Direct Finish Construction is always eager to see your ideas and help you implement them.

Read more about the staff here. Or call them at 360-690-5616. They can answer your questions about the building codes are in Clark County and the surrounding areas.

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Concrete Contractors in Vancouver, WA from Direct Finish

Mar. 21st 2014

Whether you are replacing your old concrete driveway or have a new house that needs a new concrete drive way, you need to insist on top of the line materials and proper installment.  Changes are, you had already decided on having quality concrete. You know your driveway should last 30 years. You also know that some slabs are poured and are cracking in just a few years.

Direct Finish pours those that last three decades. Besides quality they can offer a variety of design options which can make a dramatic difference in home landscaping plans and really improve the curb appeal of your property.

Concrete Before


Concrete After











As concrete contractors in the Vancouver, WA area, Direct Finish services include:

  • Concrete demolition
  • Driveway repairs
  • New walks
  • New patios
  • Footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Stamp and decorative concrete
  • Concrete box gardens


Click here to learn more about the concrete services provided by Direct Finish Construction and see pictures of the quality of work available.

Click here to hear what others are saying about those who work at Direct Finish.

Call now to have any questions answered. 360-690-5616.

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General Contractor in Vancouver, WA–Direct Finish Construction

Mar. 14th 2014
Need space in your home for an office? Consider a remodel or a custom home.

Need space in your home for an office? Consider a remodel or a custom home.

You home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It is where you spend the majority of your time and where many of your memories will be made.

So what do you do if there is just something about your home that causes you frustration? If your current living space is not meeting your needs, you have a couple options.  Well, actually there are three options. The first, from our point of view, is unacceptable. Do nothing, stay frustrated, hate your home.

Let’s go with option two or option three.

Option two would be to move. This is not always a bad consideration. Remember that even if you have the particular house style or house type you want, you need to have a location. A good friend of ours was helping her mother get relocated. The older woman has had a “dream home” in mind for many years and was determined to build this home. We took a look at the plans and really feel those plans are something special. The problem is, on her retirement budget, she can’t really afford the home. But she is determined to build it so she has chosen a lot that is in an area where her home is really overbuilt for the location. She is struggling to get financing for her home because no one wants to loan this kind of money on a home in this location.

So if you go with the option of moving, make sure you remember the “Location, location, location” rule of real estate.

If you do decide to relocate, Direct Finish Construction will be there for you every step of the way. We can help look at the ideas you have and help you modify them for the specifics you find as the project gets going.

Option three is to remodel the home you are in. Direct Finish Construction would love to take a look at your home and discus what frustrates you about where you are living.

If any part of your home is frustrating you call Direct Finish Construction. We can give you an unbiased opinion of which option will work best for your family, your finances and your location.

Click here to read about the residential services offered by Direct Finish Construction.

Click here to read about what others are saying about Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA.

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Benefits of New Concrete in Vancouver, WA

Mar. 7th 2014
dad video 043

A few spring flowers won’t disguise cracked concrete.

We’ve had a few days of sun and so you probably took a stroll around your property. Spring makes us optimistic. We start watching the potted plants at the nurseries and deciding where we are going to put them.


Then we look down at the sidewalks, the drive ways and the patio. There is grass growing in the cracks. The whole place looks unkempt. A few pots of pansies is not going to cover up the need you have for a new driveway or a new patio.

There are several reason that Vancouver, WA residents might want to get their old driveway or patio replaced.

Let us give you several benefits of getting a new concrete patio for your Clark County home.

  • Increase in the property value of your home.
  • Curb appeal is improved
  • Concrete stands up against harsh weather conditions
  • Concrete patios cost less than those made from stone
  • So many decorative options in concrete
  • So many color options in concrete.

Direct Finish Construction is prepared to give you a quote for any concrete work you want or need done in your home. Now is a great time to get started.

See what Direct Finish Construction can offer to your concrete needs in the Vancouver, WA area by reading here.

Call today 360-690-5616.

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