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General Contractor and Concrete Contractor in Vancouver, WA

Feb. 28th 2014
Just needs a little TLC.

Just needs a little TLC. OMG

If you are in the market for a new home then there are a few “code” words you need to know.

When you find a home that is advertized as needing a little TLC you could probably freely substitute “OMG” for “TLC.”

If the home is being billed as bright and sunny, it’s might be because the trees all died when the septic backed up.

A home described as “energy efficient” often just has a clothes line in the back yard.

The ad says “retro décor.” Can you say 60’s flashback, paisley vinyl floors and avocado appliances?” Groovy.

“Close knit community” means nosey neighbors.

“Motivated seller” implies nasty neighbors.”

At best, the word “charming” when describing your future abode might mean older architecture with lower ceilings and smaller rooms.  At worst it means a toilet in the kitchen and a walk through someone else’s back yard to get to your back door.

“Original” means to new to be a historical monument, but to old to ever be completely clean. Which, of course, would accurately describe my home.

“Old fashioned” means sewer backups, drafty windows and having to actually replace the fuse rather than just flip the breaker.

“Fixer-upper”—trashed and moldy.

“Starter home”—only enough room for one person and a dog. If the dog is a small bred.


“Has potential”—see fixer upper

“Prestigious”—overpriced and over rated.

“Classic”—hasn’t been updated since the first moon landing in 1969.

If you find one of these homes in a location you like, you will want to call Direct Finish Construction. They can come and give you a good estimate of what it will take to make the home livable.

Direct Finish Construction can take care of the driveways and sidewalks that often need replaced in older homes. They are experienced concrete contractors in Vancouver, WA. They are also general contractors who can help you decide on what remodels are beneficial.

Call a creative and experienced contractor. Call Direct Finish Construction for all your concrete and general contracting needs in the Vancouver, WA area.

Before making a decision on any home, give Direct Finish Construction a call. They can help you make a good decision for your situation. Call today 360-690-5616 or click here to read more about what services they can provide.

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Custom Homes From Vancouver, WA General Contractor

Feb. 21st 2014

We, in the United States, love customization. We like customized coffee.  We customized our water by dropping drops of flavoring from strawberry-watermelon to pomegranate. Our iPods have our names on them. We can order special touches on our athletic shoes. Harley-Davidson motorcycles allow customers to personalize their choice.We order pizzas with our special specifications.  Personalized license plates.  Facebook allows for customization.

Consumers attach an additional value to customized items.

So, of course, the trend is to have new customized homes.

Homeowners want homes that will meet their own specific needs. Some want sound proofing so they can work at home without too many distractions.

At Direct Finish Construction, they want to be like the new concept in coffee. Today people are not looking for coffee, they are looking for their coffee, whether from a coffee machine or from Starbucks with a “no-whip,” “double shot” and “nonfat” option.

You don’t just want a home, you want “your”  home.

Your home needs “good bones.” And then you need the options of personalizing.  As general contractors, the crew at Direct Finish will make it easy for you to explore the many options in design as well as building.

Call Direct Finish Construction, they provide the best custom homes in the Vancouver, WA area.

For more ideas and help building the home which gives you what you need and want, click here to read more about Direct Finish Construction or call them at 360-690-5616.

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Direct Finish Can Help You Love Your Vancouver, WA Home

Feb. 14th 2014

The typical American dream includes a “starter” home. This is usually a smaller home, a couple or an individual buys and plans to leave after a few years. Things are changing.

Not much about the housing market follows typical, old patterns anymore. First-time purchasers aren’t always buying small starter homes, but with dual incomes are often leap-frogging right into a four bedroom “forever” house.

Research shows a trend toward first-time buyers expecting to stay in their home and average of 20 years. These are buyers in their thirties and forties.

Other research suggests that another departure from traditional real estate thinking is the fact many people have decided to pay more for a home. This is often considered less risky financially than buying a less expensive place that they will have to sell in a few years.

Some homeowners wonder if they get into a home they plan to sell soon, they could lose money due to commissions and moving costs.  They would sooner pay more for a home they can stay in longer.

If you are planning on starting with a home you are going to spend years in, make certain this is the home you really want.

You need to build the best house possible. Call Direct Finish Construction. They will provide you with the best residential contractor services possible.

Click here to see what others are saying about these Vancouver, WA general contractors.

The staff at Direct Finish offer Vancouver, WA services that boast the lowest costs and the highest standards of service possible. They want your home to last for a long time.

Call them today and have an experienced building contractor on your site 360-690-5616.

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Vancouver WA General Contractor–3 Bids and 3 Prices

Feb. 7th 2014

Three different bids.

Three different prices.

Many homeowners in the Vancouver, WA area are looking at the above predicament. They need a general contractor, so they go out and get three bids hoping to find the right fit and get a fair price for competent work.

When the bids come back for a custom home or a remodel, there is a huge range or prices. Often times this becomes so confusing.  Why would one company be 20 percent higher?

Consider the following.

  • Unclear scope. One contractor might assume the entire building is going to be painted the same color. A different contractor might be assuming there will be a variety of colors. Maybe one general contractor is putting the most basic of light fixtures. Another contractor will be figuring in fixtures that are more environmental friendly.
  • Intangibles. One general contractor figured in the cost of using a dump truck for the waste while another general contractor is assuming you’ll let the company leave a large container on the sidewalk for a month.
  • Quality. Some Vancouver, WA general contractors do just the minimum. While others general contractors such as Direct finish Construction are in the habit of producing a home which you can be proud of.

If you take these things into consideration, you will have to recognize that the company which is charging 20 percent higher might be the real bargain. Alternatively, the absolute cheap guy could be on the brink of financial failure and may need your deposit money to finish the previous job.

Take care when hiring a general contractor. Get references. Click here to read what people are saying about Direct Finish Construction. Or call 360-690-5616.

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