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Great Time to Hire a Vancouver, WA Custom Home Builder

Oct. 25th 2013

The housing market is looking up. This is an excellent time to build your dream home in use a custom home builder to build your dream Vancouver, WA home.

If you’ve always wanted a gourmet kitchen, it’s time to start designing.  If you always wanted a closet that would keep you organized.  It’s time to start planning your storage. If you’ve always wanted a view. It’s time to start positioning the picture window.

If you want a home near the golf course, now is the time to contact a custom home builder.

If you want a home near the golf course, now is the time to contact a custom home builder.

You can have it. Direct Finish Construction will help you design the home you’ve always wanted. Now is the perfect time to build.

The housing market has stabilized. The market is sustaining very low interest rates for mortgages and the environment for selling your existing home is very positive.

Construction costs are still reasonably low. You need to get started before the demand kicks in.

As a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA, we really want to make the job easy for you.

Call Direct Finish Construction 360-690-5616 or click here to find about all the services they offer.



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Concrete Contractor For Outdoor Vancouver, WA Living

Oct. 18th 2013

When we build or remodel a home at Direct Finish Construction, we love to help home owners recognize the outdoor options they can have.

Maybe this is because we are not only custom home contractors and general contractors in Vancouver, WA, but we are also concrete contractors. We can really visualize the beautiful spaces that can be created outdoors.

Consider a screened porch or a terrace or deck. These spaces can now be provided with better furnishings, fire pits, curtains and even televisions and audio systems. They can be designed with great privacy and high-efficiency glass windows and doors that make them energy-smart.

If you like the idea of outdoor living, consider adding a grill or a sink. You could use storage and even a refrigerator in this space.

The flooring for these spaces can be a made of decorative concrete which can be a stained concrete, a polished concrete, stenciled or overlaid.  We recognize every one of our customers has individual needs and budgets and we want to help you get what you love.

Call Direct Finish Construction for ideas on great outdoor living 360-690-5616 or  click here for more information about the services they are prepared to offer.

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Express Yourself With a Custom Home From Direct Finish

Oct. 11th 2013

When you take the time to design your own home, that design will be an expression of what is important to you.  This house plan will indicate your priorities and what you feel you need.

As a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA, Direct Finish wanst you to know that we will try our best to help you have not only a functional home, but a beautiful home as well.

As you design your home or your remodel consider the following:

  • Automated controls are becoming more and more affordable. You can now control a home’s systems—temperature, security, electronics, lighting and more—through a single device. By choosing this option you can eliminate multiple controls.
  • Families are staying home more and multimedia rooms are always a nice place to entertain with comfortable seating, game tables and storage for snacks.
  • If you are scaling back on size, you don’t want to feel cramped. Consider great illumination for a more open look.

For more ideas and help building the home which gives you what you need and want, click here to read more about Direct Finish Construction or call them at 360-690-5616.

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Concrete Contractors Can Provide Both Function & Fashion

Oct. 4th 2013

Concrete poured by a qualified concrete contractor in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding areas can provide concrete that is both functional and fashionable.

Well-prepared and poured concrete can be colored, stained, stamped, framed, molded and more.

At Direct Finish Construction we have spent years pouring and getting inspiration for decorative concrete entry ways that add great curb appeal to your home and an ageless beauty you will love coming home to.

Stamped patios look great around many homes, barns and garages. Any hardscape project can be jazzed up with stamped or decorative concrete. Color and texture ads visual interest.

If you need a lot of concrete poured such a concrete, consider adding scored lines to create a grid pattern.

At Direct Finish Construction, we believe in creating high quality concrete projects. Sometimes they take time and attention to detail. We are prepared to take that time and energy to make your patios, paths, driveways and retaining walls beautiful.

Call us today  360-690-5616.



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