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Choose Your Own Floor Plan with Vancouver, WA Custom Home Builder

Sep. 27th 2013
Even before the framing starts, plan for exactly what you want in a home.

Even before the framing starts, plan for exactly what you want in a home.

There are so many, many reasons to build a new home. You need a custom home builder that will help you choose a floor plan that meets ALL of your family’s wants and needs.

This is why Direct Finish Construction is here to spend time with you during the planning stages.  This is an incredibly important time where you decide where you want entertainment space or where you might want a secluded office for a private concentration time.

Maybe you are interested in a large island in the kitchen with plenty of counter space with a family room situated nearby for close contact while your students do homework.

Do you want all the bedrooms on the second floor? What about closets? Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have enough space to easily see your wardrobe?  Do you want a fireplace in the living room? What about a propane burning unit in the family room or bedroom?

The beauty of choosing your own floor plan is getting exactly what you want.

For more details on a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA click here or call 360-690-5616.

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Custom Home Trends By Direct Finish Construction

Sep. 20th 2013

As custom home builders in Vancouver, WA, Direct Finish Construction keeps track of the hottest  trends.

We love to tell you about new ideas we’ve seen and see how they fit your own vision for your own custom home. We know that as you started thinking about a custom home in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding area, you know details of what you want in your home. Recently, the focus is much less on size and instead has turned toward making the most of every room.

One design change that we have seen recently is how kitchens are now being designed for a crowd. Maybe it’s all the new cooking shows, but there is a upsurge of people cooking at home.

There are also my  personal home gyms being added to homes. This is certainly an advantage for someone who wants to sweat in the privacy of their own home. These people also don’t necessarily what their equipment in the bedroom or living room. They want a special room.

More and more Vancouver homeowners are asking that the custom home builder add space for an outdoor living space. The trend for outdoor space to meet and merge with indoor space is probably here to stay.

A major change in custom home building in Vancouver and around the country is the infusion of technology. You can set your phone and call for security remotely.

Whatever you want to emphasize in your home, call Direct Finish Construction and let us work with you on the experience of a lifetime—your custom home.

Call Direct Finish Construction today to get started on the home you have always wanted. 360-690-5616

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Highlighting a New Product

Sep. 15th 2013

Contractors and business owners alike should enjoy this new product.  If you travel a lot, it’s great for you too.

A wallet is like the perfect gift. Everyone needs one. Several years ago choosing a wallet for someone could be difficult since you were image023unsure how many pictures he would want to carry or how much cash he was in the habit of keeping.

This has changed. Very few of us carry pictures in our wallet anymore. We have those stored on our smart phones. We don’t need a lot of cash anymore since one debit card and one credit card will suffice.

What we all need is pretty much the same: a couple cards, ID, a small amount of cash and maybe a couple business cards.

What men want is a wallet that is capable of holding these items safe from both pickpockets and scanning thieves who try to collect information from the RFID electronic chips that are being added to so many cards.

Once a man has the safety essentials, then the individual preferences of each man needs to be taken into consideration.

Luckily the HuMn wallet provides a safe way to carry all the essentials, and this RFID protection wallet (click here for more) comes in a kaleidoscope of colors so every single wallet out there can be individualized.

So if you want to buy your man a wallet, you need to log on to now.

As you look at the products available you will recognize that a lot of research has gone into the design of their thin wallets that are a perfect fit for almost every man.

Men need a thin wallet to travel with. With the new electronic components on most credit cards, men also needed a safe wallet that would not allow information to be scanned. The last thing you need to think about while waiting for an airline flight to board is whether or not the guy sitting next to you has a scanning machine in his backpack.

That web address again is Order yours and one for a gift today.

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Custom Home Builder Vancouver, WA After You Sell Your Home

Sep. 13th 2013

There is one study which suggests that a potential buyer decides whether or not to buy your home in the first 90 seconds of being on the property. The  rest of the time these potential buyers are in your home they spend trying to justify this decision.

Flowers add curb appeal. If you are trying to sell your home.

If you are trying to sell your home, consider flowers to add curb appeal.

If you plan to sell your home so Direct Finish Construction can build you a custom home in the Vancouver, WA area, here are a few suggestions to give your house better appeal.

  • The front door. Make it clean and happy. A great wood door or a colorful door.
  • Get rid of the old rusty or dirty house numbers. Make sure the overhead light fixture is not flaking or covered with spider webs.
  • Add tasteful decorations to the outside.
  • Add some potted plants.
  • Make sure the mailbox isn’t bent and dilapidated. Add a new one if needed.
  • Weed your flower beds and add new plants if needed.
  • Add some outdoor art such as a birdbath or sculptures.
  • Add shutters or accent trim.
  • Replace gutters and downspouts
  • Renew paint

If your home is prepared to sale, call Direct Finish Construction to see the what we can help you design for a custom home in Vancouver, WA area.

Call (360) 690-5616 for the best custom home builder in Vancouver, WA.

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Concrete Contractors in Vancouver, WA for Great Driveways

Sep. 6th 2013

If you are like most homeowners in the Vancouver, Washington area, you take pride in the exterior of your home.  A concrete driveway—whether done correctly or incorrectly—is often the first thing people see.

If you want your home to have curb appeal you need a drive way that isn’t full of weeds growing up through the cracks.

Of course, you can always pull the weeds, but that hasn’t solved the bigger problem—those cracks.

If you want to increase the value to your property while giving your home a more polished look, call Direct Finish Construction.  They are experienced concrete contractors in Vancouver, WA. They can repair or replace any concrete structure.

No one beats Direct Finish’s prices for tearing out  old concrete and replacing it with a beautiful, appealing and long lasting driveway.

Besides sidewalks and driveways, the experts Vancouver, WA concrete contractors are prepared to pour beautiful patios, perfect footings as well as concrete box gardens.

Whether you want decorative concrete or the safest retaining wall in the business, call Direct Finish Construction at 360-690-5616.

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