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Vancouver, WA Concrete Contractor & Custom Home Builder

Aug. 30th 2013

If you are considering building a custom home in Vancouver, WA you might want to consider a three car garage even if you only have two cars.

At Direct Finish Construction, we often help homeowners design what they want in their idea custom home. Most people want extra space. One of the most economically ways to add space for storage and a work space is to add a three stall garage.

The floor is concrete. As Vancouver, WA concrete contractors as well as custom home builders, we love to make the garage beautiful so that you can actually paint the floor, or stain it or add another  type of finish that will make the garage feel almost as homey as the interior of your new custom home.

We can add built-in organizers for tools, bikers or toys.

There is often space for a built-in loft that can add wonderful storage.

You can add a sink to this location which will allow cleanup before any of those messes hit your interior.

A lot of garages host and extra fridge or freezer.

Handymen often love to have built-in surround sound for a stereo which will allow for their favorite music while working.

If you are in the Vancouver, Washington area, call Direct Finish Construction to get some more ideas for a truly great custom home that will make you want to come home.

Call (360) 690-5616 for the best custom home builder in Vancouver, WA.

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Vancouver, WA Custom Home Builder Fulfills Homeowners’ Dreams

Aug. 23rd 2013

At Direct Finish Construction, we meet with a lot of Vancouver, WA homeowners who want to remodel their home or build a custom home.

When we meet with these future customers in the Vancouver, WA area, we ask them exactly what they are looking for.

Of course, at that point people say they want a certain number of bedrooms and locations. These are important. But then as professional custom home builders in Vancouver, WA we want your home to feel like it fits your life style “like a glove.” That is why we want to know what is bothering you about your existing home.

Here are some things that we’ve heard over the years:

  • No exterior plug-ins for Christmas lights
  • Would sooner have a different view for the living room/kitchen
  • A well-placed kitchen island would be ideal.
  • The laundry room is not conveniently located.
  • Poor shelving in the closets.
  • Not enough outlets in the kitchen.
  • Can’t turn lights on from either side of the room.
  • Not enough storage.
  • The storage that is available is not well-lite

Call (360) 690-5616 for the best custom home builder in Vancouver, WA.

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General Contractor, Vancouver, WA for Unique Floors

Aug. 16th 2013


We love the opportunities we have to help build custom homes in Vancouver, WA. We have customers with such wonderful imaginations and ideas. This allows us to not only earn a living, but to create beautiful living spaces while we build your home.

We are also concrete contracts in the Vancouver, WA area. These two specialties are so compatible to one another, but never more than when someone wants a concrete floor.  These type of floors don’t look like a cement pad. Far from it. There are a wide variety of stains and stamps and paints in all kinds of glosses which can be lovely and elegant in a home.

Concrete is one flooring material that has numerous advantages.

  • Durability—concrete flooring is sturdy and dependable as it can sustain pressure from heavy objects.
  • Easy to preserve. Cleaning a concrete floor is easy especially with the wonderful sealing and waxing product that are available.
  • Flexible—Concrete flooring that is done correctly will look beautiful and then if you so desire you can put another choice on top of the concrete floor.
  • Longevity—Done correctly a concrete floor can last a life time. High foot traffic is not a problem with this surface.
  • Design and Patterns—With new mixes and setting techniques there is such a wide array of designs, colors and patterns.

Call 360-690-5616 Direct Finish Construction for your custom home builder in Vancouver, WA. They are also your concrete contractor in Vancouver, WA

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Keeping Up With The Times

Aug. 14th 2013

We contractors like to keep up with the times, that’s why we wanted to show you one cool product that we just found.


HuMn Wallet

Now is the right time…

  • Time to live easier and more simply.
  • Time to look slimmer.
  • Time to keep your information safer.
  • Time to order a HuMn Wallet.

All you really need in your wallet are a few essential cards.

  • You don’t need all these little pockets for stuff to get lost in.
  • You don’t need all these little flaps flipping open when you look for your ten dollar bill.
  • You don’t need plastic picture holders that tear if you use them and look stupid sitting there empty because all your pictures are on your phone. You haven’t even printed out a hard copy of your loved ones anyway.

image027What you need is a HuMn wallet. This security wallet is the most durable wallet on the market. It is made of metal and is held together with a resilient elastic.

Talking about a “Fat Wallet” is a nice idea if you want to talk about being successful and having amble resources for your needs. This does not mean that you need to carry all those resources around with you.

Go now to and find the wallet which is perfect for you. All the colors you could want. All the protection you will ever need. And it’s a cool wallet, too.

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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver Adds the Finest Touches

Aug. 9th 2013


A great addition to your home. An electronic lock.

A great addition to your home. An electronic lock.

When you have customer home builders from Vancouver, WA build you the house of your dream, you can have a custom door.

One wonderful thing about a custom home is you will never be locked out even if you are one of those persons who regularly lose your keys.

Get an electronic deadbolt. You will never have to hide keys under the doormat or in the flower pot. You will never have to hope one of the kids left a window open. You will never have to bend your screens again so you can crawl in.  Your doors are always locked, but you are never locked out.

lawns 944You can stop worrying about carrying keys everywhere you go. Electronic locks allow you to simply enter a code to enter your home.

Direct Finish Construction is a Vancouver, WA general contractor who is ready to custom build your home in the Vancouver area. We will add all those little details that truly make your house your home.

Call Direct Finish Construction 360-690-5616.

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New or Remodel? Call a General Contractor in Vancouver, WA to Decide

Aug. 2nd 2013

Sometimes building a new home isn’t what is best for your family. A Vancouver, WA general contractor understands that sometimes you aren’t in a position to build a new custom home, yet you NEED a new custom home.

Unexpected arrivals.

Unexpected arrivals.

Maybe there is a new family member.

Maybe someone has special needs.

Maybe someone has special needs.

Maybe someone in your home now has special needs.

Maybe you just aren’t satisfied with your home.

You have to decide what is affordable, moving out or expanding a home.

Maybe a new member has moved in.

Maybe a new member has moved in.

Let Direct Finish Construction help you decide. They are a Vancouver, WA general contractor who can show you what an addition to your home would cost and what a new custom home would cost.

Getting a home addition means you don’t have to move. This should be less costly than buying a new house.  If you don’t think that moving is the right course of action for you then call Direct Finish Construction to use their creative think tank and try to find the right remodel to make your present home your dream home.

On-the-other-hand, if you wish to move to a new location and get the new house that you have always dreamed of, call a qualified Vancouver, WA custom home builder.

Whatever you choose, call Direct Finish Construction to help you. Get a free quote today to help you make the proper decision.

Call 360-690-5616.

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