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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver, WA for Quality Homes

Jul. 27th 2013

When Vancouver, WA home owners first walk into a completed custom built home they run their hand over the counter tops. They touch the beautiful faucets in the kitchen. They stand back and look at the carpets which have been expertly laid.


The framing of a home is an incredibly important step.

The framing of a home is an incredibly important step.

Custom home builders in Vancouver, WA know that their clients want to move into a home that feels aesthetically beautiful.  Homeowners want their new home to look like it came out of one of those glossy magazines.

At Direct Finish we are custom home builders who have a team that knows how to make a home beautiful. We can find you fancy crown moldings and wonderful light fixtures.

But when you hire a general contractor you want to think about more than just the beauty of the home, you  want to hire a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA that insists on good building practices that will make the structure sound and lasting.

At Direct Finish Construction we make sure that every framing job we do is quality built and built to code. We adhere to a set of rules that dictates the length and spacing of floor joists so that you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of the part of the home you can’t see.

Every detail should be done with care.

Every detail should be done with care.

We frame our walls so they are stiffer and stronger. Our roof structure is high quality.

Whether you are building a new Vancouver, WA home, renovating your Washougal dwelling or adding on to a place in Hockinson, call Direct Finish Construction to have the job done right.

Call 360-690-5616 today.


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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver, WA for Special Touches

Jul. 19th 2013

There is a perception among some home buyers that building a custom home is a stressful, expensive, unpredictable undertaking. All of those things can be true if you chose the wrong Vancouver, WA custom home builder.

Great touches in this custom built home.

Great touches in this custom built home.

At Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA we try to take the stress and unpredictability out of the equation. Watching your home take shape should be an enjoyable procedure. Eventually you will be able to sit in your new home and fondly remember the process.

In this home we are building out in the Hockinson area, the homeowners opted for these wonderful recessed lights in the porch.

codys house 2Call Direct Finish Construction at 360-690-5616 if you are interested in a custom home in the Vancouver, WA area. Or if you want to make changes in the home where you live.

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Concrete in Vancouver, WA Poured Right Never Mind the Weather

Jul. 15th 2013

Summer heat or winter wet are weather conditions which are poles apart. And when you are having concrete poured you need a concrete contractor in Vancouver, WA or a general contractor who knows exactly how to deal with the extremes in our local weather.

At Direct Finish Construction we have been working in the northwest for years and have a sense of exactly what needs to be done to accommodate the extremes.

Removing concrete is a heavy, onerous task that requires muscle. You need muscle physically and you need vehicles with muscles  to haul off the large weighty junks. If you don’t have both of the muscle available, you will want to think twice about who you hire to pour concrete, because in a year or two or even five, you don’t want to be having to remove a mess from your property.

Direct Finish has had years of experience in Northwest construction.  Call them to have the expertise you want on your construction.

Call Direct Finish Construction today, (360) 690-5616.

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Check Cost and Scheduling with Your Vancouver Contractor

Jul. 12th 2013

When you are developing a project plan for construction in your Vancouver, WA home or business the two things most commonly given emphasis are cost control and schedule control.

You need to have a good idea of exactly what the costs will be . You also would like a schedule of work activities.

To get accurate estimates on cost you need to discuss details with your contractor.

To get an idea of the timetable of a project there needs to be precise schedule of work activities. An emphasis on planning will help plan an itinerary and set due dates.

Direct Finish Construction a premier general contractor in Vancouver, WA wants to work with your financial goals and your schedule. As a custom home contractor, they understand the need to stay on schedule and to complete tasks within budget.

Call Direct Finish Construction today to build a construction project plan for your Vancouver, WA construction project. 360-690-5616.

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