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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver, WA Works With You

Jun. 28th 2013

When you design your own home you can be as creative or traditional as you want when choosing everything from floors to windows to faucets and light fixtures. You can have ceramic tiles or cement flooring or pebbles. A Vancouver, WA general contractor can give you ideas.

You can investigate special lighting, nose control, components for cleanliness and other health promoting attributes. You can explore the use of toxin-free chemicals on surfaces that might retain and release toxins on the family later.

You can design a sunroom which gives you the feel of outdoors, or you can plan a windowless room for great entertainment viewing.

Your living room can be created to feel modern and bold or maybe traditional and cozy. Consult a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA 

At Direct Finish Construction we are dedicated to helping you get exactly what you want.

When you are ready for your remodel or your custom home call Direct Finish Construction, your custom home contractor in Vancouver, WA

Call Direct Finish Construction today, (360) 690-5616.

See the home we are just completing. This family has a home just to their liking in the location they have always dreamed of.codys housecodys house 2


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Custom Home Builder in Vancouver, WA Can Build Your Dream

Jun. 21st 2013

As we talk to people in Vancouver, WA about custom homes they want built there is a trend we as a general contractosr are seeing on a regular basis. People want home offices.

General contractors in Vancouver, WA and other areas of the country are getting requests for quality homes that better fit the life style.

You have probably had this dream for a long time. You have been thinking about the details now for years. At Direct Finish Construction we want to give you personal service and strong attention to the dream home you want. We are builders who listen and understand how to bring those dreams to life.

If you haven’t decided on all the details yet, contact Direct Finish Construction. We can help you decide what you want. As you are thinking, however, there are several things you can do.

  • Go to builders’ open houses. This will let you get a feel for how things can be done. Walk in with a measuring tape and a camera and see what you like.
  • Look online for plans and pictures. Make a file on your computer of some of the ideas you find.
  • Check out plan books and magazine. Use those pictures to explain to your Vancouver general contractor what you like.


When you are ready for your remodel or your custom home call Direct Finish Construction, your custom home contractor in Vancouver, WA

Call Direct Finish Construction today, (360) 690-5616.


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Custom Home Builder, Vancouver, WA For Your Personal Style

Jun. 14th 2013

As Vancouver, WA general contractors and custom home builder in Vancouver, WA we are seeing several trends in the custom home business. As we sit down and help people design their custom homes we are noticing how many homeowners are opting for smaller, more intimate interiors and a very high level of personalization.

Undoubtedly, it makes sense that people would want personalized homes. We want personalized everything else. We have smart phones set for just us. Our coffee comes in personal favorite flavors. Our videos on demand are customized.

General contractors have noticed how clients don’t want to waste space on fancy little formal rooms that won’t actually be used often. There are many rooms that are considered multifunction rooms which makes the house feel larger.

The interiors are being designed to be more efficient cozy and quality based.

This means that the designs being drawn today for custom homes in the Vancouver area are about individual life styles and personal taste.

If you are thinking about a new custom home, start now to collect ideas about the kinds of features and functionality you want. Give Direct Finish Construction a call and we can look at these ideas and work out the details together.

Call Direct finish Construction a Vancouver, WA general contractor for custom homes and remodels.


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Custom Home Builder Vancouver, WA for Your Dream Home

Jun. 7th 2013

Why should you hire custom home builder in Vancouver, WA?

Well, let’s start with the first three rules in real estate.

  • Location
  • Location
  • Location

Living in the Vancouver, WA area means you have the potential to live on a lot with a gorgeous view.  If you are prepared to hire a Vancouver, WA general contractor, you can choose the location which . This means that you have a better opportunity to sell that home when the time comes, but for now you will have the home you always wanted.

A custom home, by a qualified general contractor in Vancouver, WA means that you have a home that fits your lifestyle. Whether you want modern, contemporary, recreational or luxurious, you can have it. You can decide what view you will see from your kitchen and living room windows. You will plan where the garage is and how secluded your back deck will be. You can put the office in the front of the house to greet customers. Or you can put it in the back of the house as a hide out from everyday traffic.

Picture all the wonderful things you can have. And then call a general contractor from Vancouver, WA who loves to help you find your dream.

We have a team that loves the construction, but they also love the creativity that goes into building the exact home you want.

Call Direct Finish Construction today, (360) 690-5616.


(360) 690-5616.

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