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Concrete Contractor in Vancouver, WA for Great Work

May. 30th 2013

Curb appeal. It’s that first impression of your Vancouver, WA home. You can add style and value to your home by improving the appearance. A concrete walkway is an easy and wonderful way to make your property stand out.

A well-designed walkway from a qualified concrete contractor not only looks lovely, but it protects your lawn by directing traffic off the grass. In our wet Vancouver, WA climate this is often an advantage.

A walkway out of concrete can last for years with very little maintenance. And concrete is no longer just a slap of gray cement. There are so many patterns, colors and design options you can choice from. There is stenciled concrete that can be made to imitate the look of stone or brick. Once the stencil is designed and applied a colored cement is sprayed over the pattern.

You can opt for a stamped concrete which can be an incredible customized design. This is done by placing stamps onto wet concrete.

If you already have a walk way, but it is needing a restoration or resurfacing, Direct Finish Construction can also help you with that.

Call a Vancouver, WA concrete contractor today for a great new look. 360-690-5616. At Direct Finish Construction we love concrete work in Vancouver, WA. We are also a licensed Vancouver WA general contractor.

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Concrete Contractors in Vancouver, WA for the Perfect Project

May. 24th 2013

If you are standing on a corner watching a Vancouver, WA crew pour concrete from a huge cement truck, you may be fooled into thinking these workers are just playing with grey mud—a heavy cumbersome task, but not particularly technical.

You would be wrong.

The mixture churning in the large barrel appears relatively simple—water, sand and cement mixed in a noisy truck and then poured through a massive shoot into the proper location.

You might not know that the driver understands he can’t keep this mixture in the truck too long or it will start to set up.

The crew at the location knows they must have prepared the base. The area must be leveled, formed, and perfectly damp.

This base must be solid because if it settles the concrete will crack. The base must have just the right amount of moisture. Too wet and the concrete will be weakened. Too dry and it will suck the water from the concrete and the slab will dry too quickly.

General contractors in Vancouver, WA know that the water ratio within this mixture must be perfect. Too much water and the concrete will not have enough strength. Too little water and the drying process will occur before work can be completed.

Qualified general contractors in Vancouver know that if the mixture dries too quickly it will crack.

These concrete contractors also know which additives can be mixed with the concrete to add strength and help prevent shrinkage cracks.

Concrete has a high compressive strength, but very little tension strength.  Tension strength is when it is being pulled or bent. This is why rebar is added to give tension strength. You need a concrete contractor for your Vancouver home who knows when this strength is needs.

If you are in need of a wall or strength structure, Direct Finish Construction knows the proper amount of steel to add.

Direct Finish Construction, a Vancouver WA general contractor, knows the uniform building codes and makes sure all our projects meet or exceed this code.

Concrete is very durable if it is done right. If it is not done correctly, you have a very heavy mess to haul away.

Call Direct Finish Construction today (360) 690-5616 for concrete that will last a long long time.

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Custom Home Building in Vancouver, WA the Best Service

May. 17th 2013

If you are in the Vancouver, WA area and are thinking of building a custom home or remodeling your kitchen, nothing is more fun than choosing kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplashes. Appliances are also in the spotlight. The options are limitless.

As a Vancouver, WA general contractor, Direct Finish Construction, not only focuses on the quality of our work, but we are a custom home builder who is interested in the creative part of the project.

Alan, one of our three core members of our custom home building team, is an expert in design. He always has design suggestions that will give your custom home in Vancouver, WA a unique feel while providing a functional layout.

Alan checks out the home shows and sees all the coolest new products, including sinks. From what he’s seen lately here are a few ides to consider:

  • There are so many sink and other options for a custom built home.

    There are so many sink and other options for a custom built home.

    Do you need one or two sinks? Do you do a lot of cooking? Do you entertain and want an extra sink in the island or breakfast bar?  You can consider all of these options while designing your kitchen.

  • What shape works best? There are some very large deep sinks that allow you to wash large pots from canning or serving crowd. You may prefer two equal size sinks that accommodates having help in the kitchen.
  • How tough does it need to be? If you’re not worried about juice stains, nicks and scratches, a porcelain sink might be perfect for your kitchen remodel. If, however, you want to be able to toss cookie sheets and pots into your sink and drain tomato sauce without doing instant sink scrubbing, a stainless steel sink might better fit your priorities.

There are just as many options in the bathroom of your new Vancouver, WA home. Call a Vancouver, WA general contractor who loves to help you design the perfect spot.

Call Direct Finish Construction

(360) 690-5616 today for best quality and creativity.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured- WA# direcfc9016n | OR CCB# 197517

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Vancouver WA, General Contractor for Remodels or to Complete a Home

May. 11th 2013

When children moved out for college, parents often thought about downsizing. This isn’t happening as often as before. There are a couple reasons for this trend—college students are moving back home in increasing numbers and grandparents are opting to live with family rather than at an extremely costly assisted living center.

A recent AARP student reported a 30% increase in households of at least three generations of family members. Real estate agents are reporting an increase in buyers looking for homes to accommodate multiple generations.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you have a home with an unfinished basement in your Vancouver home, you should be calling a Vancouver, WA general contractor to have this room finished.

You could turn this under-utilized space into a recreation room for the kids living at home, an apartment for college grads who have returned, or a space to be used by elderly relatives.

Of course, you might be finishing the basement so your home resale value will increase.

Remember, however, if you are considering doing something with your basement you need an experienced Vancouver general contractor. The Vancouver area has a lot of moisture and this needs to be taken into consideration when remodeling or finishing a lower level.

Besides mitigating for dampness and musty odors there are other considerations in a lower level. Often there are low ceilings and little natural lighting.

Call Direct Finish Construction for help on your next remodel, whatever level you’re working on.

Call today (360) 690-5616.

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General Contractor in Vancouver WA will Start Your Remodel

May. 3rd 2013

Remodeling in your Vancouver home can happen anytime, but we at Direct Finish Construction love the spring and summer. The weather makes transporting supplies easier for Vancouver, WA general contractors. Disposing of trash and debris is easier without the constant winter rains. Often fall becomes a really busy time because everyone wants their house ready for the holidays. So call a Vancouver general contractor today to schedule. Your home building contractor is less likely to make mistakes when he or she isn’t juggling several other jobs.

Another good reason to choose now for a remodel is that moving some of your activities outdoors is easier. If the remodel involves your kitchen, the summer is a great time to temporarily lose access to your stove. The family can enjoy grilling on the back deck. Paper plates make cleanup much easier.

Call Direct Finish Construction (360) 690-5616 today. They are ready with your concrete, custom home or remodel needs. 

When hiring a Vancouver general contractor the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries suggests you be wary of contractors who:

  • Provide credentials or references that can’t be verified.
  • Offer a special price only if you sign today or use other high-pressure sales techniques.
  • Accept only cash, require large deposits or the entire cost up front or ask you to make the payment in their name.
  • Do not provide a written contract or complete bid.
  • Ask you to pick up the building permit. In most instances, the contractor is required to take out the permits. Permits are your protection and help ensure that work will meet local building codes.
  • Offer exceptionally long warranties.
  • Want to do most or all the work on weekends and after-hours.
  • Give you an offer that sounds “too good to be true.”

Call Direct Finish Construction (360) 690-5616.  They meet all the Washington Industry standards.

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