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Concrete Contractor in Vancouver, WA For Spring Upkeep

Apr. 26th 2013

The blossoms are incredible this year. Trees have burst forth in the most amazing way. Blossoms brighten the road ways and drift down like warm snow as you take a walk.

We love spring. Working in the sunshine is wonderful after the end of the long grey, rainy winter in Vancouver, Washington.

If you have property in Vancouver, I’m sure the warm weather has drug you outside to sweep the blossoms and dead leaves from the driveways, walkways and patios. When you’re there you might start noticing your concrete is not as new as it once was. There is some sinking and probably a new crack. Maybe something is pealing or chipping.

This is the perfect time to call a concrete contractor from Vancouver, WA to fix these problems before they begin to look even worse or become a safety hazard.

Direct Finish Construction has extensive experience not only as a Vancouver, WA general contractor and custom home builder in Vancouver, WA, but we love concrete work.

We can give your area a plain broom finish or we can add decorative stamped concrete.

Call now before we get so busy during the summer season. Direct Finish Construction (360) 690-5616.

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General Contractor, Vancouver, WA for Custom Homes

Apr. 19th 2013

Being a general contractor means that you manage all the tasks on the construction project and ensure all jobs are completed by a deadline, within budget and to specifications.

At Direct Finish Construction we aren’t just handymen that decided we wanted to work on someone else’s projects. We have extensive experience and schooling.

We understand the organization it takes to get everything completed on time. We might have a concrete team, and electrical crew and our dry wallers all scheduled for your project.

We understand the creativity involved in turning this project into something that represents you and only you. Even if you are using a floor plan that has been used before, you still have special wants and needs from carpet color, to bathroom fixtures, to where the outlets are placed in the kitchen.

Direct Finish has built relationships with suppliers that help us get some of the best projects to use for your project.

We understand the permit application process and what is legally required for every project.

Call Direct Finish Construction today for a free estimate on your project.  (360) 690-5616.

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General Contractor in Vancouver WA will Meet your Concrete Needs

Apr. 14th 2013

The poet Robert Frost wrote: “Home is the place where, if you have to go there, they have to take you in.”

Most Vancouver, WA homeowners want their homes to be an inviting wonderful place to take family members in. That is why the American Dream was so appealing. This image of fresh cut lawns and sparkling, well-lit kitchens has always been an engaging dream.

Upon awakening, the dreamer often discovers how difficult it is to mow the lawn, pour the new driveway, remodel the basement and still have time for the family inside.

Sometimes the dilemma is the hardest for those homeowners who are handy around the house. They know they can accomplish some of these tasks, but they can’t find the time without sacrificing from the very purpose of the home in the first place—a place for family to enjoy one another.

If you find yourself in this position call your Vancouver WA general contractor, Direct Finish Construction. We build custom homes in Vancouver, WA. We pour a lot of concrete in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We love being a concrete contractor. We love remodels and helping you get those jobs done.

Our main purpose is to get in, get the job done and get out.

Call us (360) 690-5616 Direct Finish Construction for a free estimate.

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Vancouver, WA General Contractor is Prepared to Give a Fair Bid

Apr. 7th 2013

Price matters. If you are in need of a custom home builder in Vancouver, WA or a general contractor in Vancouver, WA or even a concrete contractor in Vancouver, WA, you want to get the best deal around.

To make sure you are getting the best deal you should present your project to at least three Vancouver, WA contractors and find the right fit and the best price for completed work.

For some people the confusion begins when the bids come back with huge price ranges. At this point the customer is often confused. He or she is no better off than before. Why would one contractor be 20 to 30 percent higher?

One problem might be that the plans given to the contractor were not complete. Maybe the contractor doesn’t know if all the rooms will be painted one color or a variety of colors. Maybe the contractor doesn’t know exactly what fixtures you plan to have.

To alleviate this problem, be very specific when given specifications to a contractor. We a Direct Finish Construction are prepared to handle various situations, but we want to know for sure exactly what you want.

A second reason bids vary so much is because one contractor may be the kind that removes all the materials from the site and doesn’t leave dump trucks or waste lying around for the duration. Other contractors just leave a 30-yard container on the side walk.

A third reason for a big range of bids is frankly–quality. Some Vancouver, WA contractors are all about the details and quality. Others just do the minimum.

At Direct Finish Construction we feel you should get bids for your concrete, your tenant improvement jobs, your custom home or your remodel. But also get references.

If you want a bid from us, call (360) 690-5616. We will also be happy to give you references. We want you to be happy when we’re done.

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