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Concrete, Vancouver, WA & General Contractor–Direct Finish

Mar. 30th 2013

On a recent out-of-state road trip, we saw a concrete mixing transport truck with the following lettering on the side:


At Direct Finish Construction we could relate to this company and their desire to lay the best or help you with any of the rest.

We a general contractor in Vancouver, WA we have done all kinds of remodeling and custom home building. We also have spent a considerable amount of time doing concrete.

If you have need for a concrete contractor in Vancouver, WA you should look for someone who wants to “LAY THE BEST,” and will SERVICE THE REST.

When looking for a concrete contractor you should probably discuss the project with at least three contractors. Discuss with each of them the following:

  • Make sure they are prepared to pour a mix that will have 3000 to 4000 psi compressive strength or greater. Depending on whether you are pouring footings, walls or patios.
  • Discuss the need for reinforcement. Not every project needs reinforcement, some, however, do.
  • Ask for referrals and pictures of previous jobs.
  • Discuss when they will start and how they will compensate for any weather issues.
  • Ask what part of the yard they will be disrupting to pour the project.

We at the Vancouver, WA based general contractor company of Direct Finish Construction would love to give you answers to the proceeding questions.

Call (360) 690-5616 for your next concrete job or any other needs you might have for a Vancouver, WA general contractor.

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Vancouver, WA General Contractors Must Have the Proper Permits

Mar. 24th 2013

If you plan to construct, remodel, renovate, enlarge or demolish any structure chances are you need a permit.  Depending on your local regulations, you might need a permit to build a fence or a detached garage.

A qualified Vancouver, WA general contractor will know exactly what you need a permit for and what local planning office issues the required construction permit.

A building permit application needs to be filed with the city Planning Department in the municipality in which the project will occur. Plans showing the proposed project should be submitted with the application. A permit fee is required. This fee covers the cost of processing, plan review and inspections to ensure code compliance and safety standards are met.

Most construction projects follow these basic steps:

  • Contractor submits applications, pays for plan review and other fees
  • Plans examiner reviews
  • Permit technicians process application
  • Permit technician issues permit
  • Contractor may begin work
  • Inspector visits site to inspect construction at important stages
  • Permit technician issues certificate of occupancy

Besides construction permits there are other projects which require permits before work is begun. These include electrical permits for electrical work, mechanical permits for the installment of heating and gas units and plumbing permits for plumbing work and irrigation installment.

Vancouver, WA general contractors and custom home builders know how to work through this process.  If you need help with any construction or concrete projects call Direct Finish Construction at (360) 690-5616.

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Concrete, Vancouver, WA & General Contractor–Direct Finish

Mar. 16th 2013

If you want concrete that will look good years from now, you need to hire a Vancouver, WA concrete contractor  who is specifically trained and experienced in managing concrete. You need a general contractor that understands all the various stages of the concrete from an unmixed combination to the hard finished product that is produced.

A qualified Vancouver, WA concrete contractor can design intricate plans with expert industry knowledge and experience. This will allow you, the homeowner, to create a custom look which will be beautiful for a long, long time. Your home is unique and you will want custom designs even in your concrete.

You will want a general contractor who will explain  what to expect and exactly how the finished project will look and function.

You will be given a reasonable time frame for the project as well as cost. Often there is a lot of prep work to be done before you pour a concrete slab. You must prepare the soil beneath to ensure that your slab remains level and to reduce cracking from unstable soil.

Occasionally, at Direct Finish Construction we will have clients who have poured concrete over disturbed soil. Before pouring the concrete they may have recently repaired a buried waterline. And even though the soil was back filled and compacted, it had not settled sufficiently and so the concrete slab cracked. Buried tree roots are also a concern. They may grow and cause the slab to heave or break.

Working with concrete requires some experience and special equipment.  Before you hire a concrete contractor make sure to ask them a few questions to see how experienced they are and if they have all the necessary licenses. They also must be able to get the appropriate permits.

A good website will have photos of past projects and a complete description of their work.

At Direct Finish Construction we have poured hundreds  of concrete projects. We would love to come give you an estimate. Call today (360) 690-5616.

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Vancouver, WA General Contractor for Remodels or Additions

Mar. 9th 2013

Most Vancouver, WA residents don’t get up one morning and say, “Let’s knock out a couple walls, tear out the closet and remodel the whole living room.

No! Most people take a long time contemplating exactly how they want to change their home. Remodels are becoming increasingly popular, but even so, the decision is not one which most people come to lightly.

Of course, one reason is the expense. Lumber, carpeting, new counters and other needed items are typically not given away. Price is of great concern.

Another consideration is the time spent living in a construction zone. When remodeling most families don’t have the luxury of moving out while the living space is “Under Construction” You need a Vancouver, WA general contractor who will give your project their undivided attention so you can return to the comforts of home.

You also need to be concerned about the quality of materials and craftsmanship which will go into the renovated or addition. You are paying for an improvement to your house, not a hot mess that looks good on the outside, but is poorly built. You need a Vancouver, WA general contractor who you can trust.

At Direct Finish Construction, we would love to give you references showing that we build quality projects in a reasonable time frame.

Call Direct Finish Construction today for custom homes, remodels, renovations, additions or concrete work in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area.

Call (360) 690-5616. Estimates are free.


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General Contractor in Vancouver WA Builds Right

Mar. 3rd 2013
At Direct Finish Construction we check every piece of lumber that goes into your project.

At Direct Finish Construction we check every piece of lumber that goes into your project. You won’t get these curved boards.

If you plan on building anything, chances are you need lumber. If you’ve ever been to a lumber store, you’ve probably watched as customers examining each piece of wood. Are they being picky like the lady who smells all the apples at the grocery store? No. If you buy a bad apple, you’re not out much. If, however, you buy poor lumber, you could be starting on the first step of constructing a second rate project.

Lumber has defects. Some defects are not a problem. Others are very detrimental to what you may want to accomplish. At Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA, we take care to make sure every piece of wood that goes into your project does not have flaws that will compromise the quality of your construction.

We examine each of the four edges of a board for a bow. We don’t want to see any curving down the length of the stock.

Twists are also a concern especially if this particular piece is going to be used a  structural member of your project.

You deserve the best boards for your construction project. We'll find the best.

You deserve the best boards for your construction project. We’ll find the best.

The wood we chose to use should not have cracks where the wood fibers are separating due to stresses caused by drying.  Each piece of wood should be acclimated to our Vancouver, WA climate. We don’t buy green lumber to use immediately.

If you want help on any kind of project, you need to call Direct Finish Construction. We are a Vancouver, WA general contractor who loves projects from custom homes to concrete work. Call (360) 690-5626 for an estimate.

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