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General Contractor in Vancouver WA will Meet your Concrete Needs

Jan. 26th 2013

Clean-up is part of our job as general contractors in Vancouver, Washington.  The last thing you see of us, before your Direct Finish Construction workers walk off your property, is the quality of our cleanup. When Direct Finish employees  leave, we want you to sit down with a sigh and look around at your beautiful new construction.

We provide the Vancouver, WA area with a variety of services.

  • Renovations
  • Dry wall
  • Concrete–demolition, driveway repairs, new sidewalks, patios, footings, retaining walls, deocrative, box gardens
  • Remolding–kitchen, bathroom or home additions
  • Landscaping
  • Wood floor installation
  • New home construction
  • Garage additions
  • Repairs to existing buildings

When we leave there should be nothing left for you to do. You’re not going to need a dumpster to haul the scraps away. You’re not going to need a bucket to scrub off our footsteps.

Call your Vancouver, Washington general contractor at (360) 690-5616 to schedule an appointment.

Direct Finish employees are eager to ask questions, give an estimate or offer names of previous customers as referrals.



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A General Contractor in Vancouver, WA

Jan. 19th 2013

Direct Finish Construction Gives Fair Bids

You have a Washington State construction project that requires a general contractor in the Vancouver area. You round up all the plans, specifications and drawings to produce a bid package. These you send to three contractors and hope to find the right fit and get a fair price for competent work.

For some strange reason, when they all come back there is a huge range of pricing and you’re not sure why the one company is more than 20% higher than the others.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  Contractors see things differently. For example, one general contractor will bid for the extra cost associated with using a dump truck for waste while another is assuming you’ll let him leave a 30-yard container on the sidewalk for a month.

Some contractors are all about the details and some just do the minimum.

Some contractors are just shady. Maybe you think the guy who is 20% higher is trying to rip you off. That could be the case. But, the absolute cheap guy could be using your deposit money to finish his last job. This doesn’t mean that you should deal with the most expensive company all the time, but if you deal with the cheapest all the time, you could get burned.

If you want a good contractor, ask for recommendations. You’ll want to speak with any references they provide for you and ask to walk through some of the projects they have done.

At Direct Finish Construction, we are willing to give you references and break down our bid so you understand why it is higher or lower than our competition.

Call us now for a free bid 360-690-5616. Let’s get started.

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Direct Finish Construction is the Best Cement Removing Group Around

Jan. 12th 2013
  • If you have a remodeling job you want done, but doing so would mean removing concrete, you have good reason to give pause. Concrete is heavy.


  • If you have a driveway that is cracked and needs to be replaced, but you wonder if you can manage that alone. You have a valid point. Concrete is heavy.


  • If you wish that the old retaining wall could be removed, but aren’t sure where to start. You are smart to think twice. Concrete is heavy.

Concrete is supposed to be durable, but sometimes age and poor installation causes cracks and you frankly you may want it gone. But it is heavy and hauling concrete away can be overwhelming.

We at Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA know how overwhelming and heavy something like concrete can be. As general contractors, we’ve hauled tons and tons of it. So we have an advantage over the average homeowner or businessperson.  We have the right tools and experience to remove everything you want gone.

At Direct Finish we know concrete demolition.

After the heavy lifting is done, we clean up the scraps.

We’re also experts in replacing the old with something wonderful and new.

Washington Direct Finish employees can pour sidewalks, patios, footings, retaining walls. We have experience in decorative concrete and concrete box gardens.

Call 360-690-5616 for the best concrete contractors in Washington—Direct Finish Construction a full service contractor.



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The Direct Finish Construction Crew Tries to Meet Your Expectations

Jan. 4th 2013

A client sent a letter that said we at Direct Finish were:

  •  honest (we continually try to represent ourselves and our company in a truthful manner)
  • hard-workin, (we like our work)
  • smart (we might not know everything, but we do know our business) and
  • easy to get along with. (well we aren’t really an uptight sort of group)

We try to be the things that this client described. First, we want to be this way because we do want to be good, contributing members of society. Second, we want to be honest and hard-working because that is how we will continue to get repeat customers. We genuinely like most of the customers that call us. We want them to get exactly what they were looking for within the confines of finances and logistics.

Call us at Direct Finish Construction 360-690-5616 and give us a chance to prove our honesty and ambition on your project.


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