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Archive for December, 2012

Direct Finish Construction Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Dec. 28th 2012

A driveway is not just a flat piece of concrete set out in the front of your house. Driveways can boost the curb appeal of your home, or they can detract and create a look of shoddy construction.

A driveway can look and perform well for a long time if the workmanship and materials are done right. Or this same spot on your property can crack and need constant attention while reducing the resale value of your assets.

You need a Vancouver, WA contractor that understands how to make concrete durable as well as how to make it appealing.

Plain gray concrete is installed most often and if done properly by a contractor such as Direct Finish Construction will look good for many years. If, however, you want the front of your house to dazzle, you might want to ask the crew at Direct Finish about decorative options. There are stamps and paints and many reasonable ways to spruce up the entrance to your home.

Call Direct Finish Construction 360-690-5616 for a free estimate on the new look of your home.


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Direct Finish Construction of Vancouver Cherishes Your Unique Vision

Dec. 22nd 2012

You are unique. There is only one of you and there is only one family like yours. We at Direct Finish Construction, LLC, based here in the beautiful Vancouver, WA area love your uniqueness. We like new, different and fresh ideas that challenge us and give us energy.

Eric, one of the core members of our team, is very experienced in this field. He can create beauty in a stamped piece of concrete, or a kitchen remodel. He loves to spend time understanding your vision and implementing that vision into a cost-effective plan.

Whether you’re working on a commercial tenant improvement, trying to upgrade your own home, maybe building a new home, or you want unique concrete for the patio, call Direct Finish. 360-690-5616

We’ve got a lot of experience and will understand your vision.

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Direct Finish Construction Holds the Proper Licenses to Do Your Job

Dec. 16th 2012

Contractors who invest time, energy and money to obtain and maintain their licenses do not always have respect for unlicensed contractors. Of course, there are some unlicensed handymen out there who are good at what they do. Hopefully, if you hire an unlicensed contractor, you are dealing with an intelligent skilled individual. However, as a licensed contractor we are often called upon to redo work that was not properly done. In many cases this gives us very low regard for someone who chooses not to obtain the necessary certifications.

In Washington State, general and specialty contractors must register with the Department of Labor & Industries.  To find out if the contractor you plan to hire is registered go here.

At Direct Finish Construction, we hold all the necessary licensing. We are qualified to provide a long list of general contracting services to Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on being honest and hard working.

Whether it’s a commercial tenant improvement, a house you need built, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, or home additions, Direct Finish will help you finish your project right! Give us a call. We can get it finished!

Call 360-690-5616.


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Ask Questions Before Hiring a Contractor. Direct Finish Construction Will Answer.

Dec. 7th 2012

When you are preparing to hire a contractor, make a list of questions which you want to be answered.  Besides inquiries specific to your projects, you should also ask–

  • What quality of materials will be used?
  • How long will it take to complete the work?
  • Are they insured with a General Liability policy?
  • Can they provide references from previous projects?
  • Are permits necessary and if so, is the cost included in the estimate?
  • What type of warranty does the contractor provide?


Send these questions to potential contractors. Good contractors should respond to your email or call you.

At Direct Finish Construction, we are happy to communicate before, during and after any project.

Call (360) 690-5616 for the best general contractor in Vancouver, WA.


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