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Direct Finish Construction Builds to Your Specifications

Nov. 30th 2012

One retired gentleman was building a home for his wife and himself. He was very involved in the project wanting to design the home and the placement of every window. As the walls went up and the home took shape, he often walked through the rooms watching sheet rock being nailed to solid studs.

He had positioned the home so that the front room window gave a beautiful view of the mountains. The back sliding glass doors opened to a beautiful meadow.

“That’s pretty,” he said one day looking through studs without sheet rock. “We need a window to look at that view,” he said.

“You didn’t want a window on this wall,” one man hauling sheet rock stopped and consulted the blueprints.

“Well, I made a mistake, didn’t I?” the gentleman replied cheerfully.

Clients often change their minds as we start projects. Please, know that at Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA, we listen to your preferences.

Direct Finish Construction is a Vancouver, WA general contractor that specializes in remodels, new construction, and concrete. Call now  (360) 690-5616 for great service.

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Direct Finish for Winter Concrete Needs

Nov. 24th 2012

Rain free days in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas are a premium especially if you are under the impression that concrete can only be poured if the forecast doesn’t include moisture.

Certainly precautions have to be made to protect concrete during rainy weather. And those precautions are best made by someone with experience such as those at Direct Finish Construction.

We understand the drying process of concrete. We know what mixes cure at what rate and what affect the temperature and humidity has on the final product.

All our float finishes remove any excess water and we keep a close eye on the curing rate which can change drastically depending on the moisture in the air.

If you have a concrete project you would like completed before the sunny days of summer, give Direct Finish Construction a call at 360-690-5616.

For all your commercial or residential constructions needs Direct Finish is the place to start.

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Direct Finish Strives to Produce Long Lasting Projects

Nov. 17th 2012

As a Vancouver, WA general contractor, Direct Finish Construction, LLC has built itself on the strength of our clients’ recommendations. Above all else Direct Finish strives to meet the unique requirements of each client and project.

Whether you need our special outdoor concrete or landscaping expertise or our residential and commercial building services, we want to keep the future in mind. What will your project look like in 10 years, in 20 years?

Before starting the endeavor we strive to communicate with you as to your initial goals, but we also are concerned with the idea that this project is not something that is going to have to be redone in 10 years or less.

Everything we do needs to stand up to heavy use. If we all make good choices and have a tiny bit of luck, you can have a virtually carefree and cost free project for at least the next 20 years.

Call Direct Finish Construction 360-690-5616 to start a project that will last for a long time.

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Direct Finish Construction an Elite Contractor

Nov. 9th 2012

Watching your remodeling and construction project take shape can be exciting and enjoyable. Every day you see the venture get closer and closer to your vision. How much fun is that?

The fun, however, ends quickly if your contractor is less than professional. What should be a smooth undertaking can become a huge headache. Things can quickly turn from exciting to alarming if you are working with someone who doesn’t understand construction, someone who doesn’t value your goals or someone who has poor communication skills.

Direct Finish Construction of Vancouver, WA is not one of those contractors. They understand their profession. They make a habit of listening closely to what is important to their customers. They want to communicate with you.

Call Direct Finish Construction at 360-690-5616 for a competent Vancouver, WA contractor.


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Best General Contractor in Vancouver, WA

Nov. 2nd 2012

What does a new home, hospital, warehouse and airport all have in common?

Of course, they were all built by a team of skilled contractors which were organized by a general contractor.  This means that besides understanding the business of construction a general contractor must know how to successfully organize labor.

To organize the building and remodeling of any type of structure, that general contractor must have had a lot of hands on experience. After all, it’s impossible to manage people effectively if you don’t understand their job.

At Direct Finish Construction in Vancouver, WA we understand the job. Our team has had decades of combined experience in the construction industry.

We have:
• design expertise
• construction expertise
• concrete expertise
• landscaping.

We have organized construction projects for commercial and residential jobs.

For the most innovative team of general contractors, call Direct Finish Construction.

For the most dedicated team of general contractors, call Direct Finish Construction.

For the best organized team of general contractors, call Direct Finish Construction.

Call now- Direct Finish Construction (360) 690-5616

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